The View’s Meghan McCain admits she is hiding from her ‘COVID-truther’ friends
Meghan McCain (Photo: Screen capture)

While New York City may be entering Phase 2 of reopening, none of the women of "The View" feel safe enough to go back into the world, even young and healthy co-host Meghan McCain.

Joy Behar explained that the most exciting thing she does is hop in the car and drive around looking at people not wearing masks.

Sunny Hostin said that she's not that comfortable going out and fears New York becoming one of the 26 states that are now on the rise again.

"I think I'm going to wait it out. I'm just going to bunker-in like the president," Hostin said to laughter.

"If it was safe I would join you, Joy," McCain said about riding around town. "I would be happy to get in a car with you and look at people without masks. It's so interesting because I'm sure just like the rest of you ladies I have friends in my life will not leave their home so scared. Then I know people who are COVID truthers, who are not social distancing. I'm not interacting with them. Part of this is misinformation. Talking about President Trump saying he slowed down the testing, he didn't slow down the testing. There's a lot of confusion. I'm worried about the spikes in other states. There's so much unknown. I really don't want to get this virus. I don't think anybody does. It can be really dangerous. You see people who have lost 30 pounds, people who have died. We just don't know enough. As much as I would literally let Joy amputate my foot live on television to get back in the studio and back in real life, it's just not safe. We just have to deal with it. I'm sorry. I miss everyone like crazy. I hate doing it this way."

See the moment below: