There are two COVID-19 trends in Texas that are going in the wrong direction
Man Wearing Facemask (Shutterstock)

While Americans are taking to the streets in protest, COVID-19 is still raging. President Donald Trump has claimed that everything is going well with the coronavirus, but the numbers don't accurately confirm that.

Associated Press reporter Jim Vertuno explained that the state reached its second-highest rate of hospitalizations in a single day, with 1,878 people. Their seven-day positivity rate is now surging from 4.27 percent on May 26 to 7.55 percent on June 6.

Those metrics are too high, according to Gov. Greg Abbot's plan to move to the next phase of reopening, he explained.

"State health officials will note that with more than 15k hospital beds and nearly 1,700 ICU beds, the state is equipped to handle. The idea, however, is to get both of those rising trends to go the opposite direction," he tweeted.

Just four days ago, Abbott was bragging that they had the lowest numbers.

The tweet came just after Austin reported a steep increase in COVID-19 cases, setting a record for the most cases reported in one week.