'There is no obvious strategy': Trump's campaign is up in arms as more and more states are slipping from his grasp
President Donald J. Trump (DoD Photo by U.S. Army Sgt. James K. McCann)

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump and his campaign are in crisis mode over polling that suggests he will be unable to win a second term.

"In private polling conducted by Mr. Trump’s campaign, the president is now well behind Mr. Biden, according to people briefed on the most recent round of results," reported Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman. "Several public surveys this week have found Mr. Trump trailing Mr. Biden, the former vice president, by double-digit margins, including a Monmouth University poll published on Wednesday that showed Mr. Biden ahead by 11 percentage points."

"Signs of anxiety inside the Trump team are evident across the electoral map," continued the report. "Over the past few weeks, the president’s operation has spent about $1.7 million on advertising in just three states he carried in 2016 — Ohio, Iowa and Arizona — that it had hoped would not be competitive at all this year. Much of that sum went to a concentrated two-week barrage in Ohio, according to the media-tracking firm Advertising Analytics. The spending in Ohio startled many Republicans, given that four years ago Mr. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton there by eight percentage points."

“There is no obvious strategy in terms of message,” said California-based GOP strategist Rob Stutzman. “The president defaults to base messages regardless of strategy, thus the campaign becomes a base-driven campaign.”

"Mr. Trump has been lashing out for weeks at some of his political lieutenants, according to people briefed on his reactions, who were not authorized to speak publicly," said the report. "He blamed them for the difficulty of the campaign, comparing them unfavorably to the operation surrounding Mr. Biden. The president has complained that his fund-raising advantage has diminished, and indeed some of Mr. Trump’s advisers were caught off guard when Mr. Biden raised nearly as much money as the president in April."

Trump reportedly complained, "Biden has a team of killers and all I’ve got is a defense," to his confidantes.

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