'They believe in the power of their guns': CNN reporter exposes right-wing movement preparing for 'civil war'
Boogaloo protesters (screengrab)

CNN investigative correspondent Drew Griffin on Wednesday took the lid off the so-called "Boogaloo" movement that is showing up to Black Lives Matter protests heavily armed.

During a segment about Air Force Staff Sgt. Steven Carrillo, a self-identified member of the Boogaloo movement who was charged this week with both murder and attempted murder, Griffin explained what he's learned from speaking with other members of the movement.

"I've talked to some of these guys, they're very hard to pin down on what their actual beliefs are, other than they very much believe in the power of their guns, their loaded firearms," he explained. "They are calling for civil unrest, a civil war, or they're preparing for one, it's just unclear against whom."

Griffin also detailed Carrillo's ties to the movement.

"When they finally did make the arrests, according to the indictment, they found on his social postings messages that were connected to this Boogaloo movement," he explained. "He had a patch on his clothing that identified with the Boogaloo movement, which has kind of a Hawaiian flair to it. And on the... car that he had carjacked, he wrote some Boogaloo messages in blood on the hood of that car."

Watch the video below.