‘Tough as nails’: Yamiche Alcindor wins White House Correspondent’s Association award for Trump coverage
Man rips microphone away from PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor and Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

One of President Donald Trump's least favorite reporters, PBS Newshour's Yamiche Alcindor is being honored for her coverage by the White House Correspondent's Association.

While Alcindor may be known for asking Trump difficult question that prompts him to have presidential meltdowns, she's also written stories that earned her the admiration of her peers.

"Yamiche Alcindor is serious, incisive and — though she has a quiet demeanor — tough as nails. Her asylum seekers report was exceptionally well done. She has interesting new takes on national stories. Her work on immigration and race are sensitively handled," said the WHCA.

"Alcindor’s qualities reflect integrity, impartial analysis, breadth and depth of knowledge of the presidency and a love of the institution. We look forward to watching her work for decades to come," they also said.