Trump accused of caring more about statues than latest outbreak of COVID-19 killing Americans
Angry Donald Trump yells at reporters at the White House following Robert Mueller's testimony (screen grab)

President Donald Trump announced to the press out of the blue that there is a law protecting Civil War statues called the Monuments Act. The Monuments Act, however, is about the use of public lands owned by the federal government for the preservation of historic, prehistoric, and scientific interests, like National Parks. It has nothing to do with statues.

What he actually plans to use is the 2003 Veterans Memorial Preservation Act which prohibits military statues from being destroyed. While Washington, D.C.'s mayor has the power to pardon offenders or commute a sentence, in the past it has been controlled by the Justice Department. It could give D.C. a unique opportunity to demand states rights in a legal battle.

Still, the president announced that the people responsible for trying to topple a statue of Andrew Jackson are going to be put in jail for a long time, he said, because he would be creating an Executive Order to mandate it. There hadn't been any announcement about such an order until the president announced it. It sent many to speculate that there was no order and that White House staff were likely sent scrambling to create whatever Trump announced.

Trump also announced that he wasn't "kidding" when he said that there should be less testing.

The president then went on to congratulate himself for having the largest rally crowd in history, both in-person and online. It's a similar claim used by the White House in 2017 to claim the president's inauguration crowd was the largest in history when photos showed the contrary.

See the mockery below: