Trump admits ‘so many lives have been lost’ — but says their coronavirus deaths won’t be in vain
Photo: Screen shot

On Friday, President Donald Trump tweeted an address to the nation, in which he said COVID-19 deaths in America won't be for nothing.

"As many of you know, our country is coming back very, very strong economically," said Trump. "The jobs numbers from two weeks ago were record-setting, record-setting increase. We've never had anything like it. Record from day one, nobody's ever beaten it. And now, retail sales numbers are incredible. We created a tremendous base, so that when we had to close it up and save millions of lives, we were able to open it and now we're doing well."

"So I just want to thank everybody," Trump continued. "It's been an interesting period of time, it's been terrible, so many lives have been lost. We'll never forget those incredible people. But they will not have died in vain. Our country will go on, and we're going to be stronger than ever before."

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