Trump campaign ‘reassigns’ staffer in charge of rallies following Tulsa debacle: report
Donald Trump's Tulsa rally (screengrabs)

President Donald Trump's campaign is undergoing a shakeup following disappointing turnout for a controversial rally in Tulsa, according to a new report by Axios.

Campaign manager Brad Parscale had bragged that over 1 million people had signed up to attend the rally, but less than one-third of the arena was filled and the campaign took down an outside stage they thought would be necessary for an overflow crowd.

"Michael Glassner, the man who organizes President Trump's rallies, has been 'reassigned,' and Trump's 2016 Arizona chair Jeff DeWit will join the campaign as chief operating officer to oversee the final stretch to election day, three sources familiar with the situation tell Axios," Axios reported Tuesday.

Glassner had served as chief of staff for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as she sought a political comeback in 2011.

"Jared Kushner engineered these moves," Axios reported. "Glassner, a Trump campaign original dating back to 2015, has been told he will now be handling the campaign's various lawsuits, sources say."

The Trump campaign denies that the shakeup is related to the poor turnout in Tulsa, stressing the need to defend Trump from lawsuits.

"This is not a reaction to Tulsa. Michael Glassner is moving into the long-term role of navigating the many legal courses we face, including suits against major media outlets, some of which will likely extend beyond the end of the campaign," communications director Tim Murtaugh argued.