Trump can't run against Biden — because he doesn't know how to run without racism or sexism: MSNBC guest
Composite image of Donald Trump and Joe Biden (screengrabs)

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "All In," Atlantic staff writer Adam Serwer broke down the unique challenge President Donald Trump faces in running against former Vice President Joe Biden.

"He can't even do it," said Serwer. "I mean, this is what is so amusing about it. Part of what is hampering the president here is his own prejudices. He can't bring himself — he doesn't want to run against Joe Biden. Joe Biden doesn't scare him. He wants to one against the Squad or Hillary Clinton."

"He wants a non-white or a female villain to run against because he knows that's something he can use to gin up his supporters into the kind of froth that he needs to have them turn out in large numbers," said Serwer. "And Biden — I have to say, you know, this was something that a lot of the African-American voters in the South anticipated when they chose Biden, was that he would be less threatening to Trump's ways in particular. He was a kind of olive branch in the culture war. We understand that you guys are freaking out about some stuff that has to do with incredible inversion of power that happened over the last eight years where we temporarily had one Black president. So we are going to try to bring the temperature down a little bit. And it seems to have been correct."

"I have to emphasize, Trump only has one kind of politics that he knows how to do," said Serwer. "Against a different Republican, I am not sure this would be happening the way, et cetera happening. But Trump is particularly inflexible, particularly ideological when it comes to race and gender, and finds it difficult to change tactics."

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