Trump declared the ‘worst president’: NAACP chief predicts ‘history will not be kind’
Derrick Johnson NAACP (Youtube)

On CNN Friday, NAACP president Derrick Johnson laid into President Donald Trump, warning that American democracy may not survive another term of his presidency.

"President Trump boasted about making Juneteenth, in his words, 'very famous,'" said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "He's heading to Tulsa for that huge rally indoor tomorrow night. He's threatened protesters who may come out there. How do you think history, based on what's going on right now, will judge his handling of this very, very important moment?"

"I think history records him as being the worst president that we've seen in this country," said Johnson. "I think by far, not only the tone he has set, the level of incompetence that he's displayed. His unwillingness to see images outside of in the mirror. History will not be kind."

"But I'm more concerned with, will our democracy be able to survive if we have to endure another four years of this?" continued Johnson. "That's why the narrative has to shift from protests to the polling place in November. It is not only about this administration. It's up and down the ticket ... we need system and structural change that comes from public policy. And we only get there if we have policymakers who walk into office with that level of value for the change that we want to see."

"We are at a juncture where there is corporate acknowledgment, cultural interest and policy opportunity," added Johnson. "Now, it is up for us as citizens across this country to seize upon this moment, not allow this to be a temporary reality but a permanent fix."

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