President Donald Trump's base is actually shrinking. Just five months away from the election he's doing his best to lose voters rather than gain them, in the frivolous belief that a strong base, however small, will always turn out for him and win his re-election.

There's no question Trump's base, however small, is devoted. But a slew of polls over the past week show support dropping. Bigly. In some polls, by as much as 14 points overall.

And yet Trump is working hard to offend anyone who's not already part of his base – even Republicans – but especially Democrats.

In the past week, as his poll numbers went down, his extreme attacks on Democrats went up.

Trump has labeled Democrats "domestic terrorists," anarchists," "Antifa," "agitators," and the "radical left." And all that was just over the span of a few hours, today.

Some examples. (Note: not a word of anything Trump has said in these tweets is true.)

Not a single Republican elected official has denounced any of these attacks.