Trump denounced after claiming Black jobs success -- after Black unemployment doubled
President Donald Trump (center) flanked by his former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman (left) and Pastor Darrell Scott (right). Image via Timothy A. Clary/AFP.

President Donald Trump sang his own praises on Twitter after ordering Black Lives Matter protesters be dispersed so that he could score a photo-op outside the White House.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Trump said that no president, other than Abraham Lincoln, has done more from the Black community than him.

Trump's comment ignores the work President Lyndon B. Johnson did in his promise to pass national civil rights legislation in 1964 when lobbied by Black activists, including Dr. Marth Luther King Jr. Efforts to register African-American voters in the South were still blocked.

In 1965, Johnson held a rare joint session of Congress after a voting rights activist was killed by an Alabama sheriff's deputy.

"The bill that I am presenting to you will be known as a civil rights bill. But, in a larger sense, most of the program I am recommending is a civil rights program. Its object is to open the city of hope to all people of all races," said Johnson.

He implored Congress to pass a Voting Rights Act with actual teeth.

Trump also claimed that Black unemployment was the best because of him. In fact, Black unemployment has ballooned to 16.7 percent, which is approaching 2007 recession levels.

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Twitter responded to Trump's claims with their own fact-checks and attacks.