Trump fan refuses to wear mask on a plane -- then whines when passengers yell at him for causing a delay

Trump supporter Brandon Straka, a self-described former liberal who has spent the last several years urging minorities to "walk away" from the Democratic Party, caused a major incident this week when he refused to wear a face mask on an American Airlines flight.

Forbes reports that Straka refused to wear a mask on a Wednesday flight from New York to Seattle even after being asked to do so by customer service agents, flight attendants, and even the plane's captain.

In fact, Straka even refused to wear a mask when a flight attendant offered to give him one.

In an interview with Forbes, Straka says that he then got yelled at by his fellow passengers after his refusal to wear a mask caused a delay in the flight.

"It became uncomfortable," he said. "People were shouting. One said, ‘There is always one... person.’ Another guy said, 'You’re selfish.'"

A crew member then told Straka that he would have to get off the flight if he refused to wear a mask, and the Trump-supporting passenger decided to disembark.

"I felt that, ‘I’m not somebody who succumbs to peer pressure, [but] I wasn’t going to sit on plane and get arrested,'" he explained to Forbes.

Straka also tells Forbes that he believes wearing a mask is "inhibiting" and "extremely uncomfortable."