Trump is 'covering up' America's COVID-19 deaths: NYT's Charles Blow
New York Times columnist Charles Blow (Photo: Screen capture)

New York Times columnist Charles Blow on Friday accused President Donald Trump of costing Americans' lives by once again downplaying the threat posed by the novel coronavirus.

Even as new cases surge in states like Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona, Trump has claimed that the virus is "dying out" and said he doesn't believe there will be a second wave of infections this fall.

Blow said that Trump's cavalier attitude toward the virus shows that he's largely indifferent to Americans who are suffering because of the disease.

"American citizens are dying, and the president is not doing enough to prevent those people from dying," he said. "These are human beings. They're not -- they're not disposable, they're not collateral damage. They're dying, and it's the president who's letting them die. It's the president who is covering up about the fact they're dying."

Elsewhere in the interview, Blow hammered Trump for claiming that he made Juneteenth famous.

"I'm from west Louisiana," he said. "Anyone from west Louisiana and east Texas celebrated Juneteenth all the time. That's what we did. That was our July 4th. So whenever this man says nobody knew about something, it means that he didn't know about something. It's a tell, it's a confession of his own ignorance."

Watch the video below.