'Trump is losing, explain that': Fox News host attacks White House aide over 2020 campaign disaster
Maria Bartiromo and Peter Navarro appear on Fox News (screen grab)

During an interview with White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo appeared to be exasperated by President Donald Trump's poor poll numbers.

"This president has been the law and order president," Bartiromo told Navarro in an interview on Sunday. "This president has been the first president to really push back on China and all of their decades of theft of intellectual property."

Bartiromo also mentioned that protesters in Seattle have created a police-free zone.

"This would be fatal [for the Democratic candidate] in any other time," she opined. "And yet, look at these polls, Peter. How is it possible that the law and order president, the president who's got jobs and the economy number one is trailing Joe Biden in every poll that you look at?"

The Fox News host noted that Biden has expanded his lead to 12 points over Trump in the network's latest poll.

"All of the polls say the same thing, that Donald Trump is trailing with 127 days to go into the November election," Bartiromo continued. "How is this possible? What is going on?"

"President Trump is losing!" she added. "Explain that."

For his part, Navarro downplayed Trump's sagging poll results.

"In terms of these polls, I'm not a big head-to-head match up poller," Navarro said. "I don't believe in that."

Watch the video below from Fox News.