Trump is now 'less desirable than chlamydia' to Michigan swing voters: Ex-GOP strategist
Trump speaking in Michigan/Screenshot

The former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party is warning that President Donald Trump is putting the Michigan GOP into grave peril.

Writing in The Bulwark, political consultant and self-described "erstwhile" Republican Jeff Timmer argues that his former party is in real danger of getting wiped out in this fall's elections.

In particular, Timmer believes that the 2018 midterm results show his state rejecting Trump after the president pulled off a shock win there in 2016.

"Polling through mid-2020 has shown Trump consistently trailing Joe Biden in the mitten state, including a survey released last week showing Trump trailing Biden by a 15-point margin," he writes. "These disastrous top-of-the-ticket numbers are sure to be an anchor for Republicans down-ballot—suggesting that the 2020 election will continue to hollow out the party in the state."

Timmer notes that GOP candidates in the state have to be careful to avoid antagonizing Trump's diehard fans while also appealing to college-educated swing voters who "increasingly see Trump as less desirable than chlamydia."

Despite this, Timmer believes that the only way the Michigan GOP can save itself from a wipeout is to ditch Trump.

"What they have in front of them is the opportunity to do something pretty rare in politics, make a bold move that is both smart politically and the ethical thing to do," he writes. "In this case: throw Donald Trump and his 35 percent ballot number overboard to try to save themselves."

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