Trump ridiculed for Presidential Daily Briefing claim: ‘This tweet has come back to haunt you, sir’
Donald Trump at a rally, photo by Gage Skidmore.

One of the more hilarious aspects of Donald Trump's administration has been the frequency by which the president's claims are undermined by his old tweets against Barack Obama.

After The New York Times published a bombshell report that Russia was offering bounties for the killing of U.S. troops in Afghanistan -- and Trump had done nothing after being briefed on the intelligence -- White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed that Trump had never been briefed on the topic.

But on Monday, CNN reported that the intelligence was included in the Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB).

This led analysts to conclude that Trump's defense is that he was not personally briefed and was out-of-the-loop was because he had not read his PDB.

Which drew attention to attacks Trump leveled against then-President Barack Obama in 2014.

"Fact--Obama does not read his intelligence briefings nor does he get briefed in person by the CIA or DOD. Too busy I guess!" Trump argued.

Here's some of what people were saying about Trump's tweet: