Trump scraps speech to overflow area of Tulsa rally as turnout looks ‘well below campaign’s expectations’: report
Trump Tulsa rally (screengrab)

President Donald Trump hoped for a huge crowd in Tulsa as he restarts his 2020 presidential campaign after leaving the trail due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump's campaign had bragged that over one million people had signed up for tickets and there were plans for Trump to address an overflow area outside as the campaign assumed they would fill the 19,000 seat BOK Center.

However, turnout appears to not be as high as anticipated.

Astead Westley of The New York Times posted a photo of light attendance inside the building.

Outside was also quiet after the campaign began letting supporters inside, CNN's Abby Phillip reported.

Dave Weigel of The Washington Post reported that the Trump campaign had called off the president addressing the small group outside.

Trump’s campaign manager had bragged that Trump would need to speak to the overflow crowd.

The Trump campaign is blaming protesters for the poor turnout.