Trump wants us to believe anarchists are responsible for country's unrest -- but he's the real anarchist: op-ed
Donald Trump (Mandel Ngan:AFP)

Writing in the Washington Post this Tuesday, Helaine Olen contends that although President Trump is trying to lay all the blame for unrest in cities on anarchists, his policies and actions resemble an anarchist just as much as anyone.

According to Olen, it's clear that Trump is the leading cause of the unrest.

"What has happened to our nation over both the past nearly 3½ years and the past week is exactly what we should expect to happen when the person in charge has no stated beliefs other than his self-interest, and little agenda other than tearing down the accomplishments of others," she writes.

Olen writes that Trump doesn't understand the full gravity of the office he holds and has "no belief in its greater purpose."

"He has looted our government of its ability to perform its functions, destroying agencies from the inside out," she writes. "He has firedforced out and humiliated government officials, bureaucrats and politicians who have attempted to hold him accountable for his violations of law and constitutional norms."

If Trump shows any interest at all in government, it's only for how it can be used to enrich and protect himself. He claims he wants to stop 'rioting and looting, but "his own rioting and looting apparently do not register as a problem," Olen writes.

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