According to a report from Business Insider, when President Trump's advisors looked out at the rows of empty seats before his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this past weekend, they began "frantically texting friends and supporters who lived nearby in a late bid to fill the indoor arena's 19,000 seats."

According to one Trump staffer, they wished Air Force had turned around in mid-air in order to save Trump any embarrassment.

"Ultimately, Trump went through with his 2020 campaign's big return rally in Oklahoma after months in a COVID-19 quarantine lockdown, empty seats and all," Business Insider reports. "None of the eight Trump advisers interviewed by Insider had positive things to say about an event that has since sparked all manner of soul-searching and finger-pointing as the president's campaign looks to find its footing against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a little more than four months to go until Election Day."

According to the report, a "big shakeup" in the Trump campaign is likely due to the debacle.

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