WATCH: Driver ignites firework at Black Lives Matter protest -- but protester tosses it back into his car

A video taken in Riverside, California, shows a driver lighting a firework during a protest, only to have someone toss the explosive back in his car.

ABC7 reports that police released video of the incident that took place on June 1, and it shows the vehicle stopping at an intersection and the driver getting out to light a large firework. A person in the crowd then tosses it back in the vehicle, prompting the driver to run off. The firework then explodes into a fireball inside the vehicle.

Police say a "group of onlookers and the suspect driver" then attacked the person who threw the firework into the vehicle.

The driver was identified as 20-year-old Gabriel Castillo, who is currently on probation for evading police. He was arrested this Tuesday.

Watch ABC7's report on the story below: