WATCH: Ex-cop from George Floyd killing gets shamed for 'comfortably shopping' after jail release
J. Alexander Kueng seen shopping after release from jail (Twitter/screen grab)

Former Minneapolis police officer J. Alexander Kueng, who was charged in the killing of George Floyd, was confronted while shopping over the weekend.

Kueng, 26, was captured on video shopping at a Cub Foods grocery store after being released from jail on $750,000 bail. Kueng is facing charges of aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.

In video posted to social media, a customer can be seen confronting Kueng while he is shopping for items, including Oreo cookies, milk and whip cream.

"What?" Kueng says after noticing he is being filmed.

"What's your name?" the shopper asks.

"Yeah, that's me," Kueng confirms.

"It is you," the shopper says. "So, you're out of prison and you're comfortably shopping in Cub Foods as if you didn't do anything?"

"I wouldn't call it comfortably," Kueng replies. "I would say getting necessities."

"I don't think you should have that right," the woman explains. "I don't think you should be out on bail."

"I can understand that," Kueng says.

"How does it feel?" the shopper asks.

"I'm sorry you feel that way," Kueng remarks before walking off.

"No, you're not sorry," the woman insists. "You don't have the right to be here. You killed somebody in cold blood. You do not have the right to be here."

"Do you feel any remorse for what you did?" she presses.

"Ma'am, I'm just going to grab my stuff and go," Kueng says.

"You're not going to be able to comfortably go around Minnesota like this," the woman insists. "You don't want to apologize? You don't want to say anything because this video is going to be on the internet?"

"And you will be going back to jail," she adds.

Watch the video below.