WATCH: Man threatens New York protesters with knives strapped to his arm

In a wild moment that was caught on video, a New York man can be seen emerging from his truck to confront protesters, armed with some sort of multi-pronged blade contraption attached to his arm.

Posts on Twitter allege that the man "tried to run over protestors," although there's no video available to indicate that. In the video, the man accuses the protesters of throwing things at his car.

Speaking to the Queens Eagle, a witness to the incident said the “kids [were] just calmly protesting by just placing signs and posters, all of the sudden the guy started insulting them and the kids just started talking back defending their beliefs.”

According to the NYPD, there is a complaint report on file for a "menacing incident in the vicinity of Clintonville Street and Cross Island Parkway."

"A 23-year-old male reported to police that an unidentified individual exited a vehicle with a sharp object and displayed it to a crowd that was peacefully protesting and fled in a vehicle described as a gray SUV Mercury," the NYPD stated. "There were no reported injuries as a result, no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing."