'We've never seen such a senior official saying the president is unfit': Conservative on Bolton's book
Max Boot appears on CNN (screen grab)

Conservative Washington Post columnist Max Boot appeared on CNN Thursday to address the allegations detailed by former national security adviser John Bolton in his soon-to-be-released book The Room Where it Happened.

Boot began by saying that he had to pick his jaw up off of the floor to be able to comment on the revelations.

"You have to understand how unprecedented this is," he explained. "We've had tell-all memoirs in the past. Former White House aides like George Stephanopoulos have written books, sometimes while their president was still in office. We've never seen such a senior former official saying that the president they served was fundamentally unfit and unethical and ignorant and therefore incapable of doing the job.”

He noted that it doesn't come out of the blue, rather it confirms past reports in books like Fear by Bob Woodward, A Very Stable Genius, by Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig, and A Warning by the anonymous White House staffer.

Similarly, John Kelly, James Mattis and Anthony Scaramucci have said things about Trump that confirm the concerns that Bolton raises.

"The difference here is that Bolton has provided a fuller report of what he saw because he was a copious note-taker," said Boot. "So, I think this is a very damning indictment and I think Trump and his defenders will have trouble running away from because Bolton is one of them. You can't accuse him of being part of the 'deep state' because he's as right-wing as they come."

Ironically, Fox News and Trump supporters have already tried to paint Bolton as some kind of liberal shill.

He said that it has become clear that the Bolton book exposed the United States of having an incompetent leader disinterested in caring for the American people.

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