White Supremacists suspected of painting N-word, ‘Trump 2020’ and worse at destroyed Santa Fe restaurant
India Palace restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico (screengrab)

The India Palace was vandalized with "white power" and "Trump 2020" graffiti by vandals who caused over $100,0000 in damage, according to the Santa Fe Reporter.

"Tables were overturned, glassware was smashed into piles on the floor. The wine racks were emptied, a statue of a goddess was beheaded and computers were stolen. Food warmers were turned over and destroyed. The front desk area was gutted, plates smashed and the kitchen rendered completely unusable," the newspaper reported.

"Among the items stolen or damaged include supplies that Brown and the Singhs would use to create weekly care packages for downtown’s unhoused population," the newspaper noted. "While recent acts of vandalism against downtown monuments that some consider racist have brought heightened attention to this sort of crime, this attack is marked by white supremacy, is much more involved and has a personal target."

"According to the Singhs, last Thursday during a Three Sisters Collective protest on the Plaza an armed man incorrectly parked his car in one of India Palace’s spots. When he was asked to move, he threatened the family with his guns; police were called and collected the vehicle’s information. The man identified himself as a nearby business owner before heading in the direction of the Plaza with multiple guns and magazines," Santa Fe Reporter explained.

Police are now investigating the incident as a hate crime.

“This case has been classified as a hate crime, and the Santa Fe Police Department is aggressively pursuing those responsible for this disgusting display of hatred and intolerance,” the department said in a press release.

Mayor Alan Webber blasted the "despicable act":

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