Wisconsin Republicans demanded people vote in person in April -- but 80 percent of them voted absentee
Photo of a long line to vote in Wisconsin by SEIU

Wisconsin Republicans have come out against vote-by-mail. Yet, when A Better Wisconsin Together looked into the way Republican legislators in the state voted, they found 80 percent of them voted absentee, or by mail, reported the Wisconsin State-Journal.

Wisconsin's primary election became a source of a super spreading disaster for the coronavirus after people went to the polls in April. The Democratic governor had wanted to delay the election to try and protect people from greater exposure to the virus.

State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, who is also the Senate majority leader and is running for Congress, came out against mail voting in May saying that the voter list had not been “cleaned up" to remove people who he thinks should not be on the voter rolls.

“Wisconsin has online registration, excuse-free absentee voting, early in-person voting, and Election Day registration, making it easier to vote in Wisconsin than most other states," Fitzgerald said. He then voted by mail in April the report said.

State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos claimed that there was nothing wrong with voting in person and claimed it was perfectly safe, while completely covered head to toe in personal protective equipment that hospitals were desperate for in April.

Vos voted by mail in the state's presidential primary in February, but he now opposes people voting by mail.

The coronavirus outbreak that increased cases due to the April election has prompted a huge discussion about a vote-by-mail election in November so that all Americans know that they will be protected.

Trump has come out against vote-by-mail, in particular, Michigan mailing voters an application for them to vote absentee. Sunday evening, Trump seemed confused about the idea, saying that he now supports absentee voting, which is a mailed vote, but he opposes votes by mail.

Read the full report at the Wisconsin State-Journal.