Woman posts video of herself saying 'kill all' BLM protesters -- and gets fired hours later

A woman named Jacqueline Michele DeLuca got fired from her job at Party City this week after she posted a video of herself saying that all Black Lives Matter protesters should be killed.

Business Insider reports that DeLuca posted a video of herself driving in a car and disparaging black people.

"I don't like motherf*cking black people," she said. "I f*cking hate black people, bro."

She then went on to explain that her hatred for black people stemmed from the fact that a "f*cking n*gger ran the f*cking stop light and looked at me like it was my motherf*cking fault."

She then went on to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole.

"F*ck all you Black Lives Matter f*cking people," she said. "I don't give a f*ck. Kill them all, bro!"

After getting fired from her job, DeLuca issued an apology on Facebook.

"I regret using such words against a race I know everyone is behind for (sic) and I never meant to hurt anyone in anyway," she wrote. "I let anger get the best of me at the moment and I ask as a human to please forgive what I'm trying to get across. This is NOT who iam (sic)."

Watch the video below.