Anderson Cooper: Americans die while Trump is 'safe inside his biological bunker'
Anderson Cooper (Screen Shot)

Anderson Cooper is not holding anything back when it comes to Donald Trump.

In a segment for CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 on July 6, Cooper lambasted Trump's claim that COVID-19 is "99% harmless," saying it's another example of the president never being in the fight against COVID-19 in the first place.

In a chilling recap, Cooper said, "If divisive, inflammatory, racist words could kill the coronavirus, then the President of the United States would be heading to Stockholm right now to pick up his Nobel Prize in medicine."

Cooper continued, "Instead tonight, the same as every night, he's safe inside his biological bunker surrounded by people wearing masks and frequently getting tested. From the safety of his biological bunker he's encouraging the rest of us not to follow the best scientific advice."

Watch the full segment below.