'Another hoax': Trump whines and rambles about Supreme Court and New York in latest meeting
Donald Trump (Youtube/Screen grab)

After spending most of the day whining on Twitter, President Donald Trump spoke to the press from the White House Thursday afternoon to call questions about his taxes and financial documents a "witch hunt."

Trump has used the term to reference the Russia scandal, the Ukraine scandal, cases against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, his friend Roger Stone and any other topics he chooses on any given day.

"Do you have a reaction to the Supreme Court rulings today?" asked a reporter that sounded like CNN's Kaitlan Collins.

"The rulings we're basically starting all over again," Trump said. "This is a political witch-hunt... it's a witch-hunt, it's a hoax, just like the Mueller investigation... this is purely political..."

He then rambled on about people leaving New York because "you know what's going on," but didn't elaborate. He then accused former President Barack Obama of spying on his campaign illegally, which is factually incorrect and has been proven by Trump's own Justice Department to be a lie.

Trump closed by saying he wanted to thank Hispanic people for standing with him, which, according to polling, they do not.

See the video below: