Arizona child welfare workers fired after posing in 'Professional Kidnapper' shirts: report
Children (Shutterstock)

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that multiple employees with the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) were terminated last month after posing for a photo wearing shirts that said "Professional Kidnapper" on the front.

The shirts also said “Do you know where your children are?” on the back, reported Blake Montgomery.

"When children are taken into state custody, parents and critics of the agency have been known to accuse Child Safety personnel of being 'kidnappers,'" said the report. "The staffers are said to have worn the shirts during work hours. Christina Sanders, a former DCS unit supervisor, saw a picture of staffers in the parking lot of the Prescott, Arizona DCS bureau wearing the shirt and emailed the branch’s supervisor."

According to The Arizona Republic, because of the firings, "a Department of Child Safety office in Prescott was apparently left with one investigator to handle complaints of child neglect and abuse."