Austin cop caught on video 'groping' woman after she accused another officer of raping her
Linda Nuno Trevino is arrested by an Austin Police officer (Twitter/screen grab)

An Austin police officer was accused of "groping" a woman who was protesting law enforcement.

According to reports on social media, the incident occurred at a protest over the weekend.

A video shows the woman in handcuffs as a male officer appears to frisk her for weapons.

The woman can be heard calling for a female officer.

"I demand a female officer!" she exclaims.

Before the video ends, the officer can be seen touching the woman on or near her breasts.

An account of the incident posted on Facebook identified the woman as Linda Nuno Trevino.

"Linda has been protesting almost every day since June 1st, being incredibly respectful, and mainly advocating to get her 6 year old daughter back from an officer who has raped, gaslit, and stalked her for 9 years," Danielle Reichman‎ explained in a posting. "He has sexually abused the child and although Linda has proved he is not the biological father, he has full custody."

According to Reichman‎, the Austin officer who arrested Trevino was "very clearly an officer retaliating because she has been forced to make it public that there are rapists in the APD."

About a month prior to the incident, a petition supporting Trevino was posted on

The petition had over 7,000 signatures by the time of publication. A march for Trevino has also been scheduled in Austin for July 10.

Watch the video clips below.