Bill Barr is begging Trump not to commute Roger Stone's sentence -- or there will be a 'mutiny' at the Justice Department
Composite image of Roger Stone and Attorney General William Barr (screengrabs)

According to a report from Vanity Fair on Wednesday, President Donald Trump wants to commute Roger Stone's sentence before he must report to prison on July 14.

Stone, who has long been pals with Trump, was convicted on seven counts and sentenced to over three years in prison (40 Months) after witness tampering, lying to investigators, and a slew of other things.

Attorney General Bill Barr "has told Trump not to do it, and if he does, there will be a mutiny at DOJ," Vanity Fair cited a source briefed on the internal debates.

Already, Barr got involved by withdrawing a sentencing memo from the Department of Justice recommending sentencing for Stone. The four U.S. attorneys in the case quit as a result.

"You can't underestimate how hard it is to get information through to him," a Republican close to the White House told Vanity Fair. "When you talk to him, he just talks at you. He doesn't like to read memos, so there's not really a way to get through to him. Everyone agrees."

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