C-SPAN caller reams Trump spokesman over COVID-19: 'Americans are dead because of this president'
Boris Epshteyn appears on C-SPAN (screen grab)

Trump campaign spokesperson Boris Epshteyn faced off against a C-SPAN caller who blamed President Donald Trump for the deaths of Americans.

During an appearance on C-SPAN's Washington Journal, a caller from Wisconson named John noted that a Wisconsin man may have been shot because of his support for Trump.

"Now you've got people on your air threatening our lives," Epshteyn complained. "You just had a caller call in and say shooting Trump supporters is right. Anybody should listen to what that gentleman just said and realize where Democrats are in this country."

"They are threatening our lives," he added. "It is disgusting, it's dispicable and it's criminal. And that sounded like a threat against the president and his campaign and hope the Secret Service investigates."

Moments later, a Democratic caller named Sharon reminded Epshteyn that over a hundred thousand Americans had died of COVID-19 during Trump's presidency.

"Sir, you want to cry about this Trump supporter that died," Sharon said. "I agree. I'm a Democrat, I think violence is awful."

She continued: "But what I also think is awful is that 140,000 Americans are dead because this president and his inability to deal with a conflict."

The caller said that she was hoping and praying "that we do not see this man go into the Oval [Office], but we see him come out in an orange jump suit and shackles and chains."

"Good luck with that," Epshteyn replied. "You can keep hoping and praying."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.