CNN's Anderson Cooper exposes Trump's lies on COVID deaths: He 'doesn't want you to know the whole story'
CNN's Anderson Cooper trashes President Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross over their "Let Them Eat Wall" message/Screenshot

On CNN Tuesday, anchor Anderson Cooper laid into President Donald Trump for his false narratives about the coronavirus pandemic.

"New modeling from the University of Washington today forecasts 208,000 people in this country may be dead of COVID-19 by Election Day," said Cooper. "Which the president still does not seem to think is all that bad. Because he is still repeating the same falsehoods as ever about testing and mortality, which fell for a while, but is once again sadly, sickeningly, ticking up."

"We have more cases because we're doing more testing," said Trump in the clip. "We have more cases. If we did half the testing, we'd have far fewer cases but people don't view it that way. What they have to view, though, is if you look at the chart, and maybe Mike has it, but we looked at it before, if you look at the chart of deaths, deaths are way down. What we want to do is get our schools open. We want to get them open quickly, beautifully in the fall."

"Dr. Fauci calls the mortality claims a false narrative," said Cooper. "In any case, those numbers, they had begun rising. More than 600 fatalities compared to 250 a day over the weekend, but the vice president nodded, of course, and agreed, and praised the president for his leadership, because that's what he does, and tried to spin the president's lie about 99 percent of COVID cases being 'totally harmless.'"

"Look, the American people know President Trump is an optimist and believes in this country and believes the American people deserve to have the whole story," said Mike Pence in the clip.

"What does that even mean?" said Cooper. "The president doesn't want you to know the whole story. If he wanted you to know the whole story, he wouldn't have stopped the virus task force daily briefings and silenced Dr. Fauci and others from appearing on television like he used to. He wouldn't claim that we are in a good place. President Trump is not an optimist, he's a fabulist. It doesn't make it so. It's lipstick on a pig, Mr. Vice President. The American people do deserve the whole story. They deserve the whole truth, as well."

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