CNN's Don Lemon wonders what Trump would do if we started calling it 'the Trumpvirus'
CNN's Don Lemon and Donald Trump (Photos: Screen captures)

CNN host Don Lemon thinks that the coronavirus should officially be called the Trumpvirus.

In his opening commentary Wednesday, Lemon highlighted the negligence of policymakers like Trump to risk the lives of over 150,000 Americans.

Trump spent Wednesday afternoon in the coronavirus hotspot of Texas at an event where he was visibly sweating and no one was wearing a mask. He didn't even bring up the lives lost in the state.

"Why didn't he address it?" Lemon asked. "The state where more than 6,000 people have died, and the president barely even mentions it?"

When Trump did address it, he used the racist term "the China Virus" giving "our hearts" with Texas.

"He loves saying the China virus," Lemon continued. "I wonder if it caught on and people call it the Trumpvirus how he would feel. At this point, he owns it. At this point, it's more of a Trump virus than anything because he owns it. He downplayed it. Because it didn't have to be this way. Because if he had followed the science and the scientists, we would have more buy-in from everyone. Instead, there are people running around and have been and don't want to socially distance and wear masks. At this point he owns it. Maybe Nancy Pelosi was right, maybe it is a Trump virus right now."

See a clip of his opener below: