Columnist blows the lid off Tucker Carlson’s white nationalist problem as Fox tries to portray racist staffer as a bad apple
Tucker Carlson (Screengrab)

Writing in The Nation this Monday, columnist Jeet Heer addressed the recent news story surrounding the firing of a writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson's show, after it was discovered that he was using a pseudonym for years to post bigoted remarks in online forums known for peddling racist content.

According to an extensive report from CNN this weekend, it was revealed that Blake Neff frequently posted on the site AutoAdmit, using the pseudonym "CharlesXII," where he openly espoused racism, misogyny, and homophobia.

"As CharlesXII, Neff displayed a remarkable range of bigotries," Heer wrote. "Just last week, he participated in a forum entitled, 'Would u let a JET BLACK congo n****er do lasik eye surgery on u for 50% off?' (The original title spelled out the offensive word.) Neff responded in the forum, 'I wouldn’t get LASIK from an Asian for free, so no.' In an earlier post, Neff stated, 'Black doods staying inside playing Call of Duty is probably one of the biggest factors keeping crime down.' He also made derogatory comments about gay men and repeatedly posted information about a Facebook acquaintance, whose appearance and personal life became a running target of mockery on the forum."

Heer points out that Fox News tried to convey the notion that Neff was not a reflection of the culture behind the scenes of Carlson's show.

"Neff is clearly part of a much larger pattern of white nationalists who have worked for Carlson at The Daily Caller," Heer writes. "These writers naturally end up in Carlson’s orbit, since both the Caller and Carlson’s show promote white nationalism, albeit in terms much more euphemistic than online forums like AutoAdmit."

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