‘Desperate and dangerous’ Trump will break the law to stay in office: ‘Art of the Deal’ co-author
Tony Schwartz co-wrote the 1987 book 'The Art of the Deal' with Donald Trump

The co-author of the president's bestselling 1987 book Trump: The Art of the Deal issued a dire warning about the integrity of 2020 election.

"Of course Trump floated delaying the election. As I've said many times, this man will do anything -- break any law he can -- to stay in office," Tony Schwartz posted on Twitter.

"Trump himself now believes he is going to get crushed in the election. That makes him vastly more desperate and dangerous. The worst is ahead of us, unfortunately," he predicted.

"I just listened to Trump's press conference. I don't think he said anything that was true. People lose their lives listening to what he says," Schwartz wrote, adding the hashtag for "Herman Cain."