Devastating new ad uses Ronald Reagan’s words against Trump to stunning effect
President Ronald Reagan (AFP Photo/Mike Sargent)

The Lincoln Project is not the only right-wing group that has been creating attack ads slamming President Donald Trump. Another is Republican Voters Against Trump, which uses the words of President Ronald Reagan in its latest video to illustrate Trump’s failures as president.

In the ad — which lasts one minute and 40 seconds — RVAT contrast Reagan’s words with images of the U.S. during the Trump era. The message is not subtle: Under Trump, the United States is a long way from Reagan’s vision for the country.

The ad isn’t aimed at liberals and progressives, many of whom would argue that Reagan’s economic policies were bad for the American working class during the 1980s. It asks Republicans: “Has your party left you?”

Reagan is heard saying, “Together, tonight, let us say that America is still united, still strong, still compassionate, still willing to stand by those who are persecuted” while Trump-era images appear — images that include U.S. cities suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, high unemployment and civil unrest. And when Reagan speaks of “victims of police states or government-induced torture or terror,” one sees images of police attacking non-violent George Floyd protesters.