'Do your damn job -- or get the hell out!' Chris Cuomo's epic rant on Trump and Pence's failed COVID-19 response
Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Chris Cuomo closed his Monday evening show with an epic commentary where he demanded President Donald Trump do his job or leave.

He begged Americans not to go numb to the graphs, maps, and death toll numbers that are soaring.

"People are frustrated and tired of it," Cuomo explained. "The president is banking on that. That's his strategy. You get bored and disinterested. You'll even ignore the pain and commitment from the people he called heroes. The ones who choose to walk day after day into hospitals that are all too often out of control. To be there with those who are afraid who often die alone and care for the suffering. They can see with their own eyes what he is telling you is B.S."

He then turned to talk about taskforce chief Mike Pence, who has claimed that they're using a "whole of government approach."

"The guy in charge of the task force the vice president he doesn't want to get it done," alleged Cuomo. "The whole of government approach. That would mean HHS handing down national guidelines for diagnostic and antibody testing. It would mean a strategy to honor hot spots and defining national reporting standards. While we're at it, it would mean the VA secretary showing up to answer how the hell he's taking care of people we promised to do the best by. A labor secretary insisting on protection for workers, who have to be in dangerous places like meat processing plants. The HUD secretary defending fair housing rules at a time so many are hurting. In other words, it means do your damn job. I know he doesn't like the reality. What is your reality? Why are you there? And if you're not going to help people, get the hell out. Let somebody else do it. There are plenty who want to do the right thing in this country."

See the closing commentary below: