Former Republican congressman tells Trump he's killing his chances of winning Florida with vote-by-mail conspiracies
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) explained to President Donald Trump that his conspiracies about vote-by-mail are going to hurt him.

Trump took to Twitter to claim the election is rigged using vote-by-mail, a process Republicans have worked hard to get their voters to use over the past several decades.

The effort has been a particularly serious campaign effort in Florida, where many GOP elderly voters are used to voting by mail instead of at the polls.

"That's a clear strategy of the president, to try to undermine the validity of an election that he is likely to lose," said Jolly. "And I think he will deploy his lieutenants that hold governor mansions across the United States for voter suppression decisions as we saw in Georgia in the 2018 elections. The interesting gamble he's taking though, on trying to undermine the security of mail-in voting is in states like Florida, where mail-in voting is highly popular among Republicans, we're seeing polls that the ground is shifting. And Republican voters -- because they believe Donald Trump -- are losing confidence in their own mail-in voting. There's a chance he will lose Florida because of his attacks on mail-in voting, and the true hypocrisy of all this is while the president is saying all this, the Republican Party of Florida, of Georgia, all these states, the party is trying to mobilize a mail-in vote campaign. They want those mail-in votes to come in even while the president is saying they can't be trusted."

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