‘Fundamentally evil’: Former acting solicitor general says ‘even Nixon’ would not have commuted Stone’s sentence
Roger Stone (Screen Capture)

Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal blasted President Donald Trump on Monday, calling his commutation of Roger Stone's sentence Friday night "lawless" and "fundamentally evil." Katyal, a law professor at Georgetown, noted that even President Richard Nixon would not have commuted Stone's sentence.

"This is the essence of the abuse of his constitutional powers," Katyal noted on MSNBC's "Deadline Whitehouse."

"Here you've got Trump doing what even Nixon was afraid to do."

Katyal went on to say Trump "botched" Stone's commutation, and  "a future Justice Dept. can indict" both Roger Stone and Donald Trump after the president leaves office.

"Stone can be re-prosecuted, he can be re-prosecuted easily by the states," Katyal revealed, rattling off a list of all the "places Stone's crimes occurred."

He could also be re-prosecuted by the DOJ under a different president.

"It wasn't even a complete erasure."