'Go to your own country!' Man goes on bigoted rant against woman for sitting in a park

A man was caught on camera this week going on a racist rant against a woman while she and her friends were minding their own business and sitting quietly in a park.

In a Facebook post, Tara Bokum of Fredericksburg, Virginia explained how she and her friends got into a confrontation with the unidentified man.

"Today I was sitting outside enjoying some food with some friends on a picnic blanket," she writes. "A man approached my friend and started grilling her about what ethnicity she was, I asked him to please stop because it wasn't polite to just come up to someone and ask that."

It was at this point that Bokum started recording the man, who started profanely yelling at the group.

"I can say whatever the f*ck I want!" he yelled. "First amendment!"

Then he started making racist remarks at them.

"Bye -- go to your own f*cking country!" he yelled. "Go to your own country! Go to your own country, DREAMer."

Watch the video below.