Governor who repeatedly refused masks and social distancing is ‘pretty shocked’ he’s been infected with coronavirus

Oklahoma's Governor Kevin Stitt who became internet infamous when he posted a photo of himself and his family having a great time in a crowded restaurant amid the start of the coronavirus pandemic has contracted the virus and says he is "pretty shocked" he's positive.

"I feel fine," Stitt said, Tulsa World reports, noting the 47-year old Republican is "just a little achy." "I was pretty shocked that I was the first governor to get it."

Stitt has refused to mandate mask-wearing and has "firmly opposed issuing coronavirus safety measures amid a surge of cases in his state," Forbes noted.

Oklahoma is "is seeing record spikes in cases," the newspaper adds.

Governor Stitt was photographed just yesterday in a meeting with his staff, but was not wearing a mask.

Despite his positive status, a "quarantine for those at the meeting has not yet been determined."

At that meeting Stitt stressed he wanted to avoid "going back in the bunker," and added: "I'm not thinking about a mask mandate at all."

Masks are proven to dramatically reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Here's the governor allegedly shopping over the weekend.

Back in March Stitt posted this photo of himself and his children eating at a local restaurant that was, he bragged, "packed." (NCRM has blocked the children's faces.) After tremendous outrage the photo was deleted from his social media accounts.

Gov. Stitt also attended President Donald Trump's campaign re-election rally last month.

Here's Gov. Stitt last month. The children are wearing masks, he is not.

Days later, Gov. Stitt with Vice President Mike Pence, and Oklahoma faith and community leaders. Not wearing a mask.

Earlier this month, no social distancing, no masks.