'He's getting blown out': CNN polling expert shows why Trump's campaign is in grave peril

CNN polling expert Harry Enten on Thursday said that President Donald Trump is losing whatever advantages he once held over former Vice President Joe Biden and is headed for a massive defeat unless something big happens to change the course of the race.

Enten pointed to some recent polling from Fox News showing that voters vastly prefer Biden over Trump when it comes to handling the coronavirus pandemic and race relations, while noting that Biden has even taken a slight edge over the president for who would be best for the economy.

"Look at that -- President Trump does not lead on a single issue," Enten exclaimed. "He's getting blown out by double digits on coronavirus and race relations, but even on the economy, Joe Biden is basically breaking even with President Trump."

Enten went on to explain why this is particularly ominous news for the president's chances of winning the 2020 election.

"You look back through history and look at the most important issues before an election, whoever's leading on the most important issues tends to win," he said. "And right now, President Trump is not leading on a single one of those, including even the economy."

The bottom line, argued Enten, is "unless the political environment changes over the next 95 days, President Trump will almost certainly be a one-term president."

Watch the video below.