'How disgraceful': CNN medical analyst slams ex-Trump physician for anti-mask 'myths'
White House physician and VA nominee Ronny Jackson. Image via screengrab.

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner laid into Ronny Jackson, the retired rear admiral and White House physician who is currently running for Congress, after he claimed that wearing a mask is a "personal choice" and he doesn't do it "all that often."

"He's a doctor. He was responsible for the health of the president," said anchor Erin Burnett. "What do you say to that, that he doesn't wear masks all that often, to be honest?"

"How disgraceful," said Reiner. "He's running for the 13th congressional seat in Texas. Texas is a state that had twice the number of coronavirus cases today as the entire European Union, and he doesn't want to tell people they have to wear a mask."

Jackson's partisan behavior was nothing new, noted Reiner. "He told the president his genes were so great he could live to be 200. In May of this year, he called his former commander in chief, the man who promoted him to flag rank, a Deep State traitor. Now, he perpetuates a myth that will lead to death."

"By telling people they don't have to wear a mask, he is telling them it's not so bad, you don't need to protect your neighbor," added Reiner. "And this is in a state where the virus has run away. A disgraceful performance from a former physician."

Watch below: