'Is the excuse really that Trump can't process intel briefings?': Nicolle Wallace confused over Trump's latest Russia scandal

During a segment on her MSNBC show this Wednesday, host Nicole Wallace spoke to Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker regarding reports that Russia was paying the Taliban bounties on the lives of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and President Trump's ensuing lack of action.

Parker pointed out that it's been reported that Trump does not read his daily briefings, which is an excuse some have utilized to suggest as a reason Trump didn't act on the intel sooner. Parker also pointed to reporting that says Trump's staff tries to package his daily briefings in a format that Trump is more likely to read. But according to Wallace, that's no excuse.

"Talking about whether a human can process information verbally or with pictures is how we talk about our kids," Wallace said. "He's the Commander in Chief -- if this was a threat to U.S. troops, it shouldn't matter if it was written in a haiku. I mean, is the defense really that he can't process intel briefings?"

Watch the video below: