‘It’s conformity, bro’: Mask-hater lashes out at ‘brown-skinned sheep’ for refusing to serve him

A video that surfaced on Twitter this Sunday shows a man arguing with store employees after he was refused service for not wearing mask.

According to the person who uploaded the video, the man referred to store employees as "brown skinned sheep."

"This man came into my father’s store and started coming at my brother for refusing him service for not wearing a mask," wrote the person who uploaded the video. "He started being racist and called him and the rest of the employees 'brown skinned sheep'."

During the incident, which apparently took place in Bronx, New York, the man argues with employees and insists that wearing a mask "doesn't work."

“It’s not about racism, bro,” the man says at the start of the video.

“What do you mean brown skinned?” another person replies.

"You actually think that works?" the man later says about masks. "You could put a bandana on your face, it doesn't matter what you wear ... as long as you cover your face, it's conformity, bro."