Here are 7 hilarious videos about wearing COVID-19 masks to send people who won't wear them
Photo: Screen capture

While late-night shows are off for a Summer break, Americans are glued to TikTok and Twitter for their humor and every folks have delivered.

The latest trend is to mock fools who refuse to wear masks. While many people who refuse to wear a mask tuck their tails and sulk as they walk away, some take it to a whole new level of fury. Those precious souls are being mocked and shamed all around the world.

Here are seven videos that are hilarious or adorable that encourage wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Wearing a mask is like wearing a lifejacket.

Puppies in Masks

Furious little princess wants you to wear a mask.

King George from Hamilton wants you to wear a mask

The one thing that makes it harder to breathe than a mask:

Mask Dance Party

And finally, this is what happens when you don't wear a mask and are captured flipping out about it: