Jared Kushner ousts Trump campaign rally organizer -- and makes him the fall guy for Tulsa debacle
Jared Kushner --SAUL LOEB/AFP

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner has ousted a top Trump campaign official in a move that's reportedly in response to President Donald Trump's infamously botched campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last month.

Sources tell Axios's Jonathan Swan that Kushner has reassigned Michael Glassner, the man who was responsible for organizing Trump's rallies, to another post within the campaign.

In the wake of Glassner's reassignment, Kushner has also hired Trump 2016 Arizona chairman Jeff DeWit to be the campaign's chief operating officer.

One campaign source tells Axios that Glassner did not deserve to take the fall for the Tulsa disaster, despite the fact that it happened on his watch.

""Michael didn't really make many mistakes [at Tulsa]," the source said. "He did what he always did, and it just didn't work post-COVID. I think he knew he was going to take the punishment for this. It was on his watch."

Trump last month held his big comeback rally in Tulsa in a 19,000-seat arena that wasn't even filled to half capacity by the time the president took the stage. After the rally, Trump appeared visibly dejected as he returned to the White House.