Kayleigh McEnany turns to pro-Trump outlet as she fails to explain election security plan during tense grilling

During a press briefing at the White House this Friday, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany took evasive action when she struggled with a reporter's questions about President Trump's inconsistencies when it comes to his accusations of potentially rampant voter fraud.

"If the president is so worried about how long it will take to count ballots in the election, then why isn't the president at this White House doing everything he can to secure more funding for staffing and other resources to make sure we can have a safe and proper election?" NBC News reporter Peter Alexander asked.

McEnany replied that Trump is focused on making sure the 2020 election is "not riddled with voting fraud and that the time table is not hung up" before she was interrupted by Alexander.

"That doesn't answer my question, though," Alexander said. "What is the White House doing to get more resources for funding and staff to make sure, as the president says, there will be a safe and secure election?"

McEnany then tried to shift the focus away from Trump and onto the states, saying that states are the ones responsible for making sure elections run smoothly. Before Alexander had a chance to follow up, McEnany took a question from the Trump-friendly One America News Network (OAN).

Watch the exchange below: